Music in our Schools Month

To celebrate Music in our Schools Month
We want to congratulate all of our students and teachers who have given so much to our school participating in so many community events and competitions as we celebrate Music in our Schools. Music adds so very much to our school and is highly valued!
A huge Thank you to our choral Director Bonnie Butterfield and our Band Director Tammy Roggen for their countless hours and dedication  given to our school and students.
Most recently,  the Symphonic Band received the highest score of straight superior ratings at their Music Performance Assessment this past Friday night at Dwyer HS.  The judges and the audience gave our students and Band Director a standing ovation!
Duncan has received 24 superiors in 26 years on stage at Assessment AND 25 straight superiors in sightreading in 26 years.
Most recently, the advanced chorus and vocal academy participated in a Solo & Ensemble Assessment at Lake Worth High School.  They had to sing alone or in small groups WITHOUT the help or direction  of  our Choral director. Bonnie Butterfield. However, this goal could not have been achieved  without the direction, practice and preparation by Bonnie Butterfield and her students.  Duncan Middle School received  9 Superiors (The Highest) and 7 Excellents’ (The 2nd Highest).
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