Duncan Kindness Week

Duncan Kindness Week - November 12-15
Posted on 10/25/2019

Kindness Challenge: November 12-15
This week is dedicated for the kindness challenge. The leadership students are asking for support and participation of the following from staff and students! GOAL: Create a climate at school that is more kind.
Daily activities are listed below per day.
Day 1 (Tuesday 11/12):
Leadership students will put up sticky notes with positive messages in each pod and in the bathrooms
Posters and Banners will be placed around campus promoting kindness*Location of the Banners: In the cafeteria, outside cafeteria wall, circular wall, and the wall between 7th grade*
Marquis Message: “Kick off Kindness”
Students and staff wear blue to show compassion, loyalty, and trust
Panther mascot will hand out kisses in front of school by flag pole BEFORE school to kick off the challenge.

Day 2 (Wednesday 11/13):
Expressions of Gratitude; during lunches students will be allowed to write notes to other students and staff, expressing gratitude towards them. Then, leadership students will deliver the kind messages during homeroom and first hour by Friday.
Marquis Message: “Kindness is a choice”
Fence Message - Leadership students will create a message in the fence promoting kindness.
Dog tags: Leadership students handout Duncan dog tags to any students who we catch doing random acts of kindness or to students as a simple kind gesture.
Leadership students will place notes inside random lockers
Deliver teacher recognition gifts to mailboxes (Leadership students)

Day 3 (11/14):
I Pledge To Be Kind; students will have the opportunity to sign their names on the banner in the cafeteria which symbolizes them agreeing to be kind.
Cutout hearts; students will get the chance to sign their name on a heart and put on a banner.
Marquis Message: “Pledge to be Kind”
Day 4 (11/15):
Dress Down day; students will get to express themselves by choosing what they want to wear for this day as long as it is appropriate attire.
Marquis Message: “Be kind whenever possible.”
* Beach Balls during lunch *

The grade that has the most points by the end of the week will get Dj. Bohne
Points are earned by wearing blue, sending expressions of gratitude, and participating in the challenge.