Policy and Procedure Updates

Policy and Procedure Updates
Posted on 08/17/2018

Policy and Procedures Updates

Effective Monday 8/20/18


  • Only enrolled members of morning/aftercare may arrive on campus prior to 8:45 am (this excludes scheduled Algebra 2 classes and planned club meetings).
  • All morning care students will enter through the front cafeteria doors and remain in the cafeteria until dismissed to holding areas.
  • Students attending morning club meetings will be picked up from the cafeteria by their teacher/club advisor.
  • The front gates (and offices) will not open for non-staff members until 8:00 am.



  • Aftercare pickups will take place at the front, East, cafeteria door. Parents should pull through the regular parent pickup loop and notify a walkie holder of their student’s name. All students will exit through the cafeteria and walk down to meet their car.

Opaque Sports/Sleepover Bags:

  • A student wishing to bring a bag onto campus, that is not clear, must submit to a voluntary search of the bag at the front gate point-of-entry. Upon clearing the bag, the student will report to Student Services to check their bag in until dismissal. At dismissal, the student will sign the bag out from Student Services.